Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Details of the Day #1

ChloƩ Spring 2009

Pretty pastel colors are definitely a must for the softness of spring. And Chloe surely bring some sweetness in pastels and the ruff of the fabrics are quite feminine... in a comfortable kind of way..

Hair jewels

..yes, please! I absolutely have this obsession with delicate jewels embellished in hair. They look so precious, even when the hair seems a bit messy, you can just put a dazzling clip and, magic! You've got an effortless couture look..
Jalouse Dec 02/Jan 03, Ph. Paf! Le Chien, Model Heather Marks
Christian Lacroix Spring Couture 2006

I'll post Hair Jewels Part 2 some other time...♥

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome ♥

Spark Charms is a blog will showcase contains all the precious things, objects, places, people, etc. that the world has to offer. Daily posts will contain various kinds of inspirational sources.
We hope to see you soon. ♥